UPVC Patio Doors

Looking for upvc patio doors Rochdale which are specifically designed and manufactured to fit your home. We supply and install patio doors in Upvc with two, three or four panes to fit the size of your opening. Upvc patio doors from us are all double-glazed and fully draught sealed to keep your home warm, quiet and draught-free. Double glazing made up with energy efficient glass will also make your homemuch warmer . These doors have 4 high security hook bolts that lock into a one piece stainless steel locking keep and the locking handle features an anti-pick device for added security making double glazed sliding upvc doors from us strong and secure. In addition the outer frame and opener are steel reinforced and an anti-slam and lift device is fitted as standard.
The sliding door runs smoothly on its easy glide stainless steel track and rollers, making opening and closing effortless, requiring little maintenance these doors really do bring the garden into your room . Any company can provide you cheap upvc patio doors for your home, Upvc Patio doors installed by us have the following features often not found on cheap upvc patio doors Rochdale. We will be happy to provide an estimate for you to compare our prices and are sure you will be amazed at the cost and quality of our PVC-U patio doors

Due to that way these doors open taking up minimum space there are many areas of your home that you could install In-Line Patio Doors such as -porch,conservatory,dining areas


We do conversions from flat windows to Upvc Patio doors or french doors all fitted to such a high standard that your home will look as if these were installed as a part of the original building.

Our doors have the following features:

  • Glazing to slider and fixed pane is internally beaded preventing glass removal by intruders.
  • slider glides on slider rail inside fixed frame, stopping slider being lifted off from outside.
  • The locking mechanisms full length keep is screwed into a galvanised steel reinforcement.
  • Internal, easy run slider rail also prevents dirt and grit accumulating in slider mechanism.
  • Slider features 4 high security hook locks which anchor in stainless steel keeper plates.
  • Key operated barrel lock manufactured to high security, anti-pick standards.
  • Anti-lift devices
  • Steel reinforcement and fully welded joints
  • Anti-slam device
  • Energy and sound efficient 28mm double-glazed panels
We are confident that it will not cost as much as you think and feel sure we can meet your budget.
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